A Whole New Attitude About Learning

Methodist Preschool is an amazing school! We unexpectedly had to find a new school for our son very last minute and Methodist was able to offer him a spot in their 4s class. After only a few weeks, our son has a whole new attitude about learning. He is thriving and excited to learn new things. Methodist is doing an excellent job of keeping the kids and teachers healthy and safe during the pandemic.

By Cindy & Jason Harris, January 2021

A Sense of Normalcy While Keeping Safe

In just a few weeks, our 3 year-old went from being very hesitant and timid about preschool to confident and excited for his school days! He enjoys the daily routine and play time with his friends. The staff genuinely care for each student, addresses their specific needs and help them feel welcome and included. They definitely eased my concerns as a first-time preschool parent with their proactive communication and organization. In the midst of COVID-19, the staff have worked hard to create a sense of normalcy in the classroom while keeping everyone safe.

By Nikki & Blake Kelleher, January 2021

A Treasured Little Gem

Methodist Preschool is a treasured little gem in the corner of downtown Chagrin Falls. Our children have loved their time at Methodist. The teachers are loving, kind and gentle. They teach through fun play and activities. They have hearts of gold and learn about every child’s specific interests and needs. Our oldest son is a graduate of the school. A prior teacher saw him at drop off for his little brother and upon pick up had a tree planting that made her think of him and their time learning of acorns. You will love this school if you choose it for your children. You will know they are safe and loved! And most importantly, they grow and develop and are ready for school when those days quickly approach.

By Lori and Craig Minich, November 2020

We Absolutely Made the Right Decision

My husband and I were undecided on whether to enroll our daughter in a 5’s program. She has a summer birthday and we questioned whether an extra year might benefit her in the long run. I will never forget how Ellen answered my call on a Sunday afternoon and spent an hour on the phone discussing the topic with me. We absolutely made the right decision. It’s hard to articulate the joy on our daughter’s face when I pick her up from school each afternoon. She jumps in the car full of energy and eager to tell me about her day. Her love for school and her teacher, Mrs. Bush, is emphatic. We will forever be grateful to the Methodist Preschool for this extra year of love and growth.

By Anne Wingfield, November 2020

My Children Are Treated the Way I Treat and Love Them!

Finding Chagrin Falls Methodist Preschool was the best thing that happened to our family. I was referred to Methodist by a mother whose children attended Methodist over 15 years ago and still raves about it. I decided to look into it and quickly realized it was just as amazing as my friend described. It was the first time I was actually excited to send my children off because I was so confident my children would be treated and loved the way I treat and love them! Every single staff member is absolutely amazing and really cares for each and every child.

By Jacquelyn & Chris Hodgson, November 2020

A Top Notch Program

The Methodist Preschool is a top notch program! As a parent and former teacher myself, the director and staff go above and beyond what is expected of them. I am constantly in awe of their creative, child appropriate, intellectually stimulating, and FUN activities and lessons. The love of teaching just beams right out of each and every teacher. All three of my children will have attended the 4’s and 5’s program, and I could not be happier with their love of learning from these programs. The staff truly gets to know each child and attend to his/her needs, making the child feel comfortable to excel to his/her full potential. Not only will the child learn through play, but the social and emotional foundation they receive is priceless. It is one of the main reasons I will always choose this school. The confidence my children display in school and life is a testament to the teaching quality, love, and kindness from the staff. The friendships built at this school last a lifetime as you really become part of the Methodist family! The parent participation is by far my favorite program they offer. How amazing is it that you are invited to be an integral part of your child’s growth and development during their early school years? This program speaks volumes to the type of collaborative learning, communication, and child development your child will receive. I feel so lucky to have found this little gem and I know my kids feel the same!

By Brianna Torrey, October 2020

Methodist Lets Your Child be a Child

We recently moved to the area several months ago. We toured many different preschools and learned about all the different programs out there. What really stood out to us about Methodist is that they let your child be a child and encourage growth through play. There is a large focus on socialization and emotional development which we strongly feel was needed for our daughter.

The environment is so warm, you can feel the positive energy, love, and support up and down the hallways. Each staff member truley gets to know your child and genuinely cares about them. The staff is wonderful at prompt communication and even sends us updates if we had a worry or concern throughout the day.

The facility is very clean and well maintained. Our daughter has allergies and I feel very comfortable when she is there. The bike room is the highlight of my daughters day!

Our daughter loves school so much and has even made some great friends in class this year! Her teacher Mrs Rotenbor blew us away this year with her energy and teaching style! The kids all adore her and she really makes each day special for them. My daughter is not only thriving socially but has picked up on concepts that I had a hard time getting her to grasp at home. She is even starting to write her name!

Lastly, Methodist offers many different programs in addition to the main programs which makes your child have a custom experience. Our daughter liked school so much we signed her up for an additional day on “fun Fridays” and she is loving it! Methodist is a really sweet special place filled with amazing people who truly devote themselves to their mission so our children can learn while playing and having fun! We highly recommend a tour!

By Mady & Zack Beenau, January 2020

A Calm, Caring Yet Intellectually Stimulating Environment

The Methodist Preschool is such an amazing place. Both my girls have attended and I am so sad that this will be our last year as my youngest daughter will be in Kindergarten next year. My girls looked forward to going everyday and always had so much to share afterwards about their fun activities.

Being that it is a parent participation program, I was able to see first-hand what they were doing several times throughout the year which was so fun and provided great insight. My daughters are both on the shy side and grew leaps and bounds socially while they were there as they foster an environment for team work and cooperation. The children learn all about art, nature, music, and science and bring home the most amazing crafts that they worked on. They offer free play time in the bike room everyday which is always a crowd favorite and a great way for them to expend some much needed energy. I also feel like that they provide a strong foundation in letters and numbers and prepare the kiddos for Kindergarten very well.

The Methodist offers add on days/programs for those parents who would like it which makes the overall program very flexible for everyone’s needs. There are opportunities where the kids get to interact with different age groups which my girls always loved. The entire staff and director are second to none. They are so organized and incredibly nurturing. We are thrilled we chose the Methodist Preschool and and we would highly recommend it to any parents looking for a calm, caring yet intellectually stimulating environment. We will love our Methodist family forever!

By Pam & Matt Lower, January 2020

A Great Place for Growth

We just started at the Methodist Preschool this school year and we love it! Our daughter is in the 3s classroom and I feel so comfortable leaving her with Mrs. Rotenbor twice a week. She is so loving and I know that our child is in great hands. I especially love that the teachers are all mothers themselves! Our daughter has grown so much from her time in the 3s classroom. She is starting to recognize letters, numbers and each day when she comes home, she has something new to share that she has learned! I’m so happy we chose the Methodist Preschool, it is a great place for growth through play and learning.

By Dina & Jason Cirino, December 2019